The attainment of high quality cleaning standards depends highly on the commitment of the management team as well as a responsible team of workers

Aeon offers our clients several key benefits


AEON has accumulated over 20 years of experience and expertise in the cleaning and maintenance industry. We are able to provide clients with sound cleaning and maintenance advice to improve their operation efficiency and effectiveness. Our operation team is always ready to provide solutions to client's cleaning crisis.

Client's orientation

AEON customizes its service based on clients' needs and requirements. We follow up closely on clients' enquiries to ensure the delivery of quality standards.

AEON goes beyond clients' expectations by providing consultancy on newly developed cleaning technology and chemicals to solve their needs and improve operational efficiency.

Highly beneficial

We strongly believe that our quality service would help our clients achieve the following benefits to their business:

  • Enhance workplace environment and improve worker's productivity
  • Sustainability of buildings to prolong life span of property
  • Enhance marketplace hygiene and quality to improve customer's experience in product and service usage